Chris Perillo was born in Staten Island, NY to his parents Frank and Rita Perillo.  His father's job moved him and his family to Newark, DE in 1991.  Chris started participating in school plays at an early age.  His first role came in his first grade play, where he played the Lion Tamer in "The Circus."  His intensity in that role resulted in him breaking his "whip" and having to improvise to get the lions to jump through the "flaming hoop."
Later in life, he participated in plays and talent shows in high school, where he did sketch comedy routines that some considered a little to risque for the teenage audience.
After graduating, Chris started acting professionally out of Philadelphia and New York in commercials and independent films.  In 2004, he got a small role in the Touchstone Pictures feature Annapolis as a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy.  From there, he continued pursuing his career and appearing in numerous roles in TV and film.
Most recently, his directorial debut, "Whitehead" has been featured at many film festivals and has been nominated for "Best Narrative Short" at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza.
Catch him in the Emmy Award Winning HBO Series, Veep, this April!