J. Edgar Day Player Dir. Clint Eastwood
Annapolis Day Player Dir. Justin Lin
Game Change Day Player Dir. Jay Roach
Under the Bourbon Moon Lead Dir. Harold Jackson III
Let's Stay Together Lead Dir. Anthony Greene
Going Down Lead Dir. Anthony Greene
Now Hiring Lead Dir. Chris Perillo
Playoffs, Baby! Lead Dir. Chris Perillo
Throwback Thursday Lead Dir. Chris Perillo
Roommates Lead PauerHaus Productions
Whitehead Lead SpaceBar Productions
Never Leave a Marine Co-Starring SAIC/USMC
Veep Recurring HBO
Hell House Lead Discovery Channel
Nightmare Next Door Lead Investigation Discovery
Gossip Girl Day Player 17th Street Productions
America's Most Wanted Guest Star STF Productions
US Army Interview Skills Lead Serco
US Army Job Training Lead Serco
TSA Training (The Known Traveler) Lead Rock Creek Productions
U.S. Marine Corp Training Lead SAIC
List Available Upon Request
1001 Wazir/Borges Kasi Campbell
What Improv Group Cast Member Sue Kramer
TempODYSSEY Daddy/Security Guy Kasi Campbell
Three Wishes Ben M. Rogers
Let's Stay Together Best Actor in a Comedy Dir. Anthony Greene
Whitehead Best Narrative Short Nominated
Monologue and Scene Study - Kasi Campbell
Monologue and Scene Study - Brandon McCoy
Voice and Diction - Jenny Male
Improvisation for the Actor - Sue Kramer
Stage Combat - Jenny Male
Commercial Acting - Gene Terinoni
Scene Study - Gene Terinoni
Monologue Study - Gene Terinoni
Improvisation for the Camera - Gene Terinoni
Audition Technique - Sam Gish